May 1, 2019, 8:14 a.m.

I find myself in a familiar spot.  Slouched over, hands gripping the bottom of my black athletic shorts with sweat cascading from my forehead down my nose.  My memory takes me back to Michael Jordan, giving the quintessential look. Gripping his red Chicago Bulls Shorts, shooting daggers of intimidation into his opponents.  

(If you did not know Jordan created the long short fad back in the 90’s.  He requested Nike to make longer shorts for him so his hands had more to grab when he rested)  

On this day, there is no crowd, there is no game winning shot to be made.  There is though, asphalt, 1709 & Kimball staring me in the face.  A sight I have seen more than 1,000,000 times in my lifetime since 1994. 

My name is Robert Clayton, Big Bob, Rob, El Tiburon, Rad Rob, part owner of Texan Fitness, real estate agent, coach, brother, son, mentor, athlete and 370lb’s again.  Over 1 year ago I conquered several personal and life goals.  Lost 80lbs, ran a marathon, made a childhood dream come true in becoming part owner in the best gym in the country.  Fast forward 1 year later, you think you have life figured out, controlled, you don’t.  I stand at this intersection at literal crossroad in my life.  The hard-fought journey I went out on got me under 300lbs and my next step was 260lbs then 225lbs.  Aspirations of finding that 225lb freshman homecoming prince who was damn sexy.  (225lb does not make me sexy, I know I’m sexy thank you very much)

So…ITS BACK, not the long-awaited Journey Journal 🙂 of TX Fit, but literally the beast I have fought my entire life and what we all fight, whatever that beast is.  Mine happens to be weight and what comes with that.  The happiness, security, sleep, mentoring, relationships and leadership.  The journey was amazing last time but it wasn’t a life change.  It was a bandaide.  Several spurts of fulfillment with only looking at the end goal.  This time it’s not the end goal.  It is about how this asset of a community; mentors of coaches and members will hold an owner accountable for a life change.  (which I will introduce over time) A lot has changed in my life since I crossed that finish line at panther pavilion Nov. 18th2017.  I’m going ask my teammates now to push me, each other.

An Indy 500 of thoughts race through my head as I wait for the light to change.  Disappointment, Anger, Optimism.  Why?  How? You are living a dream right?

My football instincts kick in, quit looking at the end result, two a days haven’t even started yet, you aren’t conference champs yet, there is no bowl game in sight.  Worry about today.  Today only. Damn this sucks.


The light changes.  One step forward down a familiar path.

circa 2017 Marathon run plan