After a great workout of lifting weights, muscles can be sore, tight and strained. The recovery process is essential for muscle gain and injury prevention. Massage is one of the best ways for weightlifters and athletes to recovery from an intense workout/training session. The article “10 Best Muscle Recovery Techniques for Athletes” goes into detail about the benefits of massage.

http://marcpro.com/blog/10-best-muscle-recovery-techniques-for-athletes/Many athletes get massages frequently to alleviate tense muscles, so their bodies feel better and don’t give them as much pain. Receiving a massage can be one of the best muscle recovery techniques for athletes because it helps make the biological process of muscle recovery more efficient.

Why are athletes running to massage to ease their recovery process? In the article, “An Expert Shares 4 Post-Workout Massage Techniques to Help You Recover Like a Champ,” Gina Florio discusses the benefits of massage and how to release tension after a workout.

https://www.popsugar.com/fitness/Post-Workout-Self-Massage-44538221“There are so many benefits of massage, but the main benefit of self-massage is learning how your own body handles stress and being able to relieve that stress with effective techniques to relax your muscles, detox waste materials (such as lactic acid), and soothe your entire nervous system so you can function better physically, mentally, and emotionally,” she told us. “It’s essential when you’re working out to know when your muscles are fatigued and may need a boost in circulation, which comes from massage.”

Being tuned into your own body not only helps in workout regiments but in the recovery process as well. Paying for a deep-tissue or sports massage might not be in your budget, that is when self-massage techniques become vital. There are many items on the market that make self-massage possible like a foam roller, trigger-point therapy tools, back massage chairs etc. In the article “The 6 Best Ways to Recover from your Workout,” they explain how to self-massage with inexpensive items you may have at home.

Gently roll a baseball or massage stick over all major muscle groups until you find a sensitive spot. Apply direct pressure until the pain dissipates. Roll over the muscle again and repeat if necessary. Even if massage doesn’t speed up recovery, it might make you feel better compared to not getting massaged in the first place.

Self-massage has numerous benefits and eases the recovery period. When you have overworked an area, feel sore, or have tight muscles, using self-massage techniques are ideal. These massage techniques can be done at your own convenience. Start paying attention to your body so you can come back to working out at the gym you love.