Olympic lifting is not just for a select few olympians. This lifting style is great strength training for men and women and has numerous benefits. Here are three benefits of olympic lifting:

1. Creates powerful muscles

In the article, “Olympic Lifts and Full-Body Workouts,” the author Amy Kreger gives advice to those who are starting olympic lifting.

https://www.livestrong.com/article/381738-olympic-lifts-and-full-body-workouts/Because this training technique requires mastering perfect form in many stages, it is best to learn Olympic lifting from a qualified strength and conditioning specialist with experience in teaching the movements. The clean and jerk and the snatch are total body exercises, and when practiced correctly can develop tremendous muscular power. Be certain to take at least one or two days of active rest in between lifting sessions, choosing cardiovascular training activities like jogging or cycling to allow your muscles to recover.

It is very important that you do not try Olympic lifting alone and that you are being trained by an expert. Rest is essential to give your muscles time to recoup after an intense workout session.

2. Builds strong legs, glutes, back, traps, and shoulders

Olympic lifting has many benefits according to the article, “7 Ways to Get Jacked With Olympic Lifts.”

https://www.t-nation.com/training/7-ways-to-get-jacked-with-olympic-liftsOlympic lift variations and their assistance exercises can be very effective in building the traps, legs, glutes, upper and lower back, and shoulders.



The wide range of areas that Olympic lifting reaches is impressive and there are even more benefits.

3. Decrease body fat percentages and increase lean muscles

Olympic weightlifting is not only just for men. In the article “Benefits of Olympic Weightlifting: What Is Olympic Weightlifting” they discuss why women should do Olympic weightlifting.

https://www.shape.com/fitness/trends/benefits-olympic-weightliftingAccording to several studies, Olympic weightlifting increases lean body mass and reduces body fat percentage. Olympic lifting focuses on coordination and speed, building strength more slowly and creating lean muscle.

The benefits of Olympic lifting are compelling. If you want to be stronger, leaner, and decrease fat, Olympic weightlifting could be what you are looking for.