Hello Everyone!!

This journey over the past few months has been an amazing experience! I never thought I could push myself so hard physically and emotionally.  I conquered something that I never thought I would be able to do physically by participating in the sprint triathlon. Physically this was a very challenging task to take on.  The physical journey was not the most difficult part off this undertaking.  The most demanding part of this journey was me opening up and letting people in to see all of the ups and downs that I was experiencing along the way.  I do not show emotions very well, and I will admit that showing emotion was the scariest part of this journey.

You all made it very easy for me to show my vulnerability during this process.  I could not have started and completed this journey without every single one of you showing me the support and love that you did.  I believe that this journey has been about more than the physical.  I have become a much stronger as an athlete and even stronger as a person through documenting my journey through this journal.

So the million dollar question is what’s next?

There are so many options!

I have no idea what’s next for me, but I am certain that I will make some new goals that will push me just as far physically and mentally.  I have signed up for a CrossFit competition.  I will not be journaling through the website, but you can still see my progress though Instagram.  My Instagram user name is jessebegnal.

The reason l will not be journaling is because Crissy Perham will be taking over the journal very soon!  I cannot wait to read about her journey for the next three months. Crissy is an amazing person and athlete, and I know that her journal will be amazing!