The triathlon training is in full effect now!!  There were multiple accomplishments and goals that have been set.  The week began with deciding to join a nutritional challenge sponsored by Texan Fitness.  Texan Fitness decided to try the Renaissance Periodization diet.  I will admit at first this diet seemed to be very challenging on what to eat, how much to eat, and when to eat.  After reading through the materials the plan became very understandable.

Week 2 of triathlon training was much more successful than week 1.  The weather was much better than the week before.  My first training run last week started out running in 40 degree weather with drizzle and rain.  This week was sunny and 40 degrees.  It made for a nice run, and my time improved by over a minute per mile. I am hoping that once the weather warms up other athletes start to join me!  Trust me, no speed records are being broken lol!  Every Saturday at 8:00 AM I ill leave from Texan Fitness for a 3 – 4 mile run.  It would be great to see you!

I also acquired a bicycle.  The old adage is true.  “You never forget how to ride a bike.”  I am sure it was very entertaining watching me get on the bike in jeans and dress shoes for the test ride.  I cannot wait to really try it out this weekend.

After the run, I participated in the usual Saturday workout at Texan Fitness.  This workout was challenging but fun!  Every Saturday is a partner workout or WOD in the CrossFit community.  The workout began with 30 clean and jerks, then went into partner “Cindy” for 30 rounds.  The “Cindy” workout is 5 pull-ups, followed by 10 push-ups, then ending with 15 air squats.  I have a new rule after completing this workout.  DO NOT PARTNER WITH ANYONE AGE 30 OR BELOW 🙂 !!!  I was pushed trying to keep up with the young buck though!  Thanks Jules!!

Talk to you next week!