Week 3 was definitely a rollercoaster of a ride.  The week definitely had it’s share of ups and downs.  We as human beings, parents, spouses, and athletes realize that the ups and downs are bound to happen.  The question is “How do we push through these obstacles?”.

This week started off with beginning a new diet.  The infamous four letter word that no one looks forward to starting.  My body went into a detoxification mode around Wednesday afternoon.  I started getting headaches, stomach issues, and fatigue.  It took everything in me just to get to work let alone complete a workout.  I am sure everyone has these days/weeks, and it is all about how we overcome our individual obstacles that make us stronger as human beings.  These obstacles aren’t limited to the gym or box.  These obstacles happen with everyday life.  These obstacles might include health, finances, spouses, kids, etc.

Whenever something “bad” or “challenging” occurs I always try to find a benefit as well.  There were multiple accomplishments that happened as well.  The diet did cause some issues, but it has already benefited way more than I could have expected. I am down 6 pounds already!  I know I will not have the same results from week to week, but it is a great start!  I am already feeling better mentally and physically.  It is crazy how much a good diet can affect you!  I am not going to lie though.  I still have the cravings!  Don’t judge me Rochelle! 🙂

Here are a few updates on how training is progressing.  There was extremely cold weather this week (By Texas standards lol!).  A lot of my training took place inside Texan Fitness.  Increasing the intensity of my cardio workouts has helped with my sprint triathlon training.  I was able to shave off a minute on mile run time.  This Saturday (January 20) the weather is supposed to b around 50 degrees at 8:00 AM.  Come join me for my 3 mile run before working out!  I will start at Texan Fitness.  I hope to see you there!