Almost everyone decides to make a New Year’s resolution. Whether the resolution is spending more time with family, working less, or the one that a lot of people make….  The infamous getting in shape resolution.  A lot of times within 2 or 3 months these resolutions are abandoned.  I am included in this group.  I always decide I am going to do something and always let it fall to the wayside.

Texan Fitness chose me to be a highlighted member and take on a challenge that I would normally not take on. My first thought was “Oh *&%$…..”  If I take on this challenge, then there is no backing out.  People will be wondering about my trials, tribulations, and progress.  Then Texan Fitness came at me and challenged me to take on a Sprint Triathlon in March.  When I heard this “Oh *&%$….” went through my head a million times over again!  Why would they choose me? All of these questions ran through my head.  I decided to put myself out there and accept the challenge.

Then one thought went into my head. What if by me participating in this challenge helps one person decide to take on an internal or external challenge of their own?  If by chance that someone takes a challenge on of their own, then this whole process will be worth it!  How amazing would that be?

I am going to compare this blog to an airplane ride. I am sure there will be smooth rides, turbulence, and times where you my friends, family, and readers put your oxygen mask on first, so you can then help me put my oxygen mask on!  I know that I will get through this with all of your love and support!

I will be keeping you all informed of my progress through this blog, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Below are my user names for each social media outlet:




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It is time to go hard or go home!!