Early next month, after several rounds of qualifying preliminary competitions, CrossFitters from all around the world will compete in the 12th annual CrossFit Games in Madison, Wisconsin.

The Games have only been around since 2006, but exploded in popularity right away.

Founder Dave Castro originally held the games on his parents’ ranch in Aromas, Calif., but after several years of growth, the event quickly exceeded occupancy limits and had to move to increasingly larger venues, until landing most recently at Madison’s Alliant Energy Center. Widespread participation also necessitated qualifying rounds.

Now sponsored by Reebok, the CrossFit Games feature elite athletes from all corners of the world.

One of the unique things about these games is that they change every year. The first year, competitors did just three events, and has grown to 13 events.

The official Games site shares about the games’ perpetual moving target:
“The Games change every year and oftentimes, the details are not announced until right before each event. Athletes train year-round for a competition that is almost completely a mystery. When they reach the Games, they put their training and mental fortitude to the test and take on a rigorous, broad-ranging test of overall physical capacity. At the close of competition, the Fittest on Earth will have clearly distinguished themselves.”

Here’s a look at the surprises that met competitors in last year’s event:

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Event 1: Run Swim Run (1.5 mile run, 500 meter swim, 1.5 mile run)
Event 2: Cyclocross (3 laps around a cyclocross course, with obstacles that included logs, small wooden hurdles and a sand trap)
Event 3: Amanda .45 (13–11–9–7–5 repetitions of muscle-ups and squat snatches for time)

Friday, August 4, 2017

Event 4: Sprint O-Course (Obstacle course race consisting of a cargo net climb, wall climb, monkey bars, log balances, and a rope ladder)
Event 5: 1RM Snatch
Event 6: Triple-G Chipper (100 pull-ups, 80 GHD sit-ups, 60 alternating one-legged squats, 40-calorie row, 20 dumbbell push press)
Event 7: Assault Banger (Assault AirBike for calories, 20-foot Banger)

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Event 8: Strongman’s Fear (Move a yoke, farmer’s logs, and a sled across a field. Return down the field in a handstand walk)
Event 9: Muscle-up Clean Ladder (Eight rounds for time of 4 bar muscle-ups, 2 cleans with ascending weight)
Event 10: Heavy 17.5 (10 rounds for time of 9 thrusters, 35 double-unders)

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Event 11: Madison Triplet (5 rounds for time of 450 meter run, 7 hay bale clean burpees)
Event 12: 2223 Intervals (4 rounds of 2 rope climbs, 10/7-calorie SkiErg, maximum repetitions of overhead squats with remaining time)
Event 13: Fibonacci Final (Men: 5 Parallette handstand push-ups, 5 Deadlifts with two 203-pound kettlebells, 8 Parallette handstand push-ups, 8 Kettlebell deadlifts, 13 Parallette handstand push-ups, 13 Kettlebell deadlifts, 89-foot overhead lunge with two 53-pound kettlebells; Women: 3 Parallette handstand push-ups, 5 Deadlifts with two 124-pound kettlebells, 5 Parallette handstand push-ups, 8 Kettlebell deadlifts, 8 Parallette handstand push-ups, 13 Kettlebell deadlifts, 89-foot overhead lunge with two 35-pound kettlebells)

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And check out the 2018 CrossFit Games, sponsored by Reebok, starting Aug. 1 on ESPN (check local listings for exact times).