When looking for a fitness gym near me, there are numerous options like nationally known fitness gyms, local gyms, and Crossfit gyms. More and more fitness experts are discovering that changing your fitness program hinders muscle gain and weight loss goals. Sticking to one program, being consistent with it, is where true change and progress occurs. In the article “Small Changes, Big Gains: Why Program Hopping Can Be Your Worst Enemy,” Ben Pollack states:


Instead of choosing a program, waiting until it stops working, and then moving on to the next, take the approach of continuous improvement. By stepping out of the wild goose chase for the perfect program, here you have the space to focus on making incremental gains in your current program. After all, you probably don’t try to go out and hit a 50-pound PR on your squat – you try to add 5 pounds, week after week, until you’re 50 pounds stronger.

When you find a great program that you would like to stick with, keep challenging yourself instead of switching to a new program. Jonathan Ross adds to this concept in the article “Why You Should Avoid Program Hopping.”

Once you get an effective program, get into it, do the work and make sure to keep it steadily progressive so as your body adapts as things get a little more challenging. Too many people focus too much on the little details in exercise programs, but when it comes to exercise choice, one simple truth emerges regardless of the goal: If you want change in your body, you need a challenge to your body. And that challenge should come from progressive overload, not from constantly changing exercises.

When you look at fitness experts, it is important to replicate what types of exercises and routines fitness experts are doing to gain similar results. In the article “The Biggest Training Lie,”  Christian Thibaudeau builds on this premise.

https://www.t-nation.com/training/biggest-training-lieIf you look at the programs of the biggest and strongest guys, they don’t change exercises very often. They might throw in a few sets of a new move here and there for variation, but the meat of their training keeps revolving around the same movements.

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