The best thing about CrossFit, besides the obvious health and fitness benefits, is the community. You get to work out alongside people with similar goals, values and interests. Besides the general draw towards CrossFit, however, there are plenty of characters at each CrossFit box.

Just for a little fun, we’ve browsed the interwebs for some of the stereotypical types of people you’ll find at every CrossFit box. We all have our quirks, so chances are, you’ll fall into at least one of these categories of people.

Without further adieu, here are 9 types of CrossFitters you’re bound to encounter:

1. The Warm-Up Warrior

These guys aren’t looking to ease into the workout; they’re ready to rumble. The Warm-Up Warrior is looking to slay from the first moment (even if they might collapse later on in the WOD). [source]

2. The Chalk Monster

Many different lists of CrossFit characters list the chalk monster, and that’s because they’re everywhere. Leaving that telltale trail of white power, these guys bathe in a continuous white cloud, using it for just about every exercise. [source]

3. The Screamer

Look, we get it: CrossFit is difficult, taxing and primal. It makes sense to let out some sounds here and there. But The Screamer takes it to a whole new level, telling–not just showing–about their physical exertions. Earbuds might be a plus. Or if you can’t beat them, join them? Maybe not. [source]

4. The Instagram Models

From sporting the most fashionable workout outfits and gear to staging the essential pre- and post-workout selfies, The Instagram Models are some of CrossFit’s best advertising. They make this look good, even if it takes a fair amount of time making it all happen. [source]

5. The Shortcutter

CrossFit 623 explains: These guys “are notorious for sacrificing form for time/weight. Yeah, [they] just did a 400-pound squat, but it looked more like a slight bend of the knee than a**-to-the-grass. Full range of motion simply isn’t in this person’s vocabulary.” Also, there’s a tendency to question whether or not this person did as many reps as they said they did in the allotted amount of time. You sure, bro?

6. The Newbies

BoxRox summarizes: “Big eyes, signature shocking facial expressions and the look of confusion. Those people have just experienced their first ever MetCon and are trying to figure out what happened. CrossFit happened! Their lives will never be the same again.”

7. The Small But Mighty

Don’t judge a book by its cover should be the motto of these CrossFitters. They come into the box with their tiny frames and quiet dispositions, but when the clock starts ticking, they explode into fierce athleticism.

8. The Golden Masters

These are the over-40 athletes who are inspiring, and in many cases, ahead of their younger counterparts in their fitness pursuits. Just as long as they keep stretching, or they’ll become what CrossFitBorder calls “The Tin Men.”

9. The Crossfit Moms

When the kids are away, these moms will play–with extremely heavy weights.


We love our CrossFit community, and how we all come together to push each other to greatness! We take our fitness seriously–ourselves, not so much. Do you fit any of these stereotypes? Are there any others we didn’t think of?

If you’re looking for a CrossFit gym in the DFW/Southlake area, give us a call! We promise we don’t mind the chalk, the sweat, or how new you are!