THINGS I HAVE LEARNED IN CROSSFIT (not comprehensive and in no order ;-))

1. There may be more acronyms in a box than there are in the military! Just when you were sure you knew all about BDUs and TDYs, you get thrown EMOM and AMRAP.
2. Sometimes you say things in the box that you wouldn’t say outside of the box. “Nice snatch, girl”. Yeah…it can get weird. It’s cool.
3. I’m still an athlete deep down on the inside. I love being coached and I love being on a team.
4. I can lift more weight than I thought I could. Who says you’re done kickin’ ass in your twenties. Nobody in Crossfit says that!
5. I love partner WODs and I love working out with my family. Who knew? 😉
6. Sometimes you accidentally pick up someone else’s weight, find it’s REALLY heavy and try to lift it anyway. Crossfit makes you think you can do it!!
7. WOD brain is real, y’all. Nothing like doing MORE reps of something because you get lost counting.
8. And…counting is hard when everything is an odd number, a weird pattern or you’re pooped out. Somehow I’ve learned how to follow along.
9. The workouts with cute names like Helen, Grace, Elizabeth…yeah…those workouts aren’t really that cute.
10. The workouts with cute boy names aren’t any better! 😉
11. And I still like watching my friends smash goals!
12. Tights are your friend when you workout in humidity.
13. I love getting a manicure and the manicurist is worried about my “working man hands”. I just tell her, “I lift”.
14. Goal setting still works. Goal setting still works. Goal setting still works.
15. I am reminded that exercise is not only good for my heart but it’s necessary for my soul.
16. Crossfit has every size, shape, age and background and there is a place for everyone. The inclusivity gives me hope for the future and I hope you’ll see me slinging weights on my way to my resting place. xo