I find myself getting caught up in stressing out about a comment or question by those around me. I feel I’m doing my very best in making good choices in all I do, whether family, relationships, exercise, eating and professionally.  Why does it bother me?  What can I do?

For example: WORK:

I get a text from my boss when I’m out of town seeing clients. My boss will text, what are you doing? Need anything from me?  That’s it…But I used to read it as “WHAT ARE YOU DOING????? SINCE YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING….DO I NEED TO HELP?????? I would waste energy thinking of how to respond and I would take it so personal. SO SILLY right?… We may be all guilty of this. I strive off of success and accomplishing my goals. I stopped ‘individualizing” her text, we have the best relationship now and I feel appreciated. Nothing changed, but my own perception. This is good.

So now, how does this relate to WORKING OUT?

I’m bad at thinking I need to explain my travel and how I can’t get to the gym to my coaches. The Texan Fitness community is not asking me where I have been because they want control, but because they care.  I feel so appreciated when I get an email from Texan Fitness after I have not been in for a few days asking if I’m OK. It’s kinda cool honestly and yes coach, everything is OK! 🙂 Sometimes my schedule just doesn’t allow me to get in. The email is a great accountability partner…I don’t individualize it because I have nobody to be defensive to. I do have low confidence in doing Cross Fit (suprise! I’m not a crossfit’er)… I’m just out of shape and I don’t know a lot of the exercises (but this is closest thing that brings me back to the days on the field and the locker room). However, for some reason I don’t take it personal and individualize it, I’m OK in my own flesh with my community. I’m blessed that I can be who I am and be OK with that.


Next Steps:

I am working out and eating healthy for me first, I have made the choice for this change. My mind is right and that is maybe the reason I am not wasting time getting caught up in others perception and not individualizing every comment. Here is an idea:  What If I could do this on Thanksgiving surrounded by family and stressing about every conversation…What if I could do this with my girlfriend… What if I could do this with my own guilt when I have not been doing my daily devotionals. What I am figuring out is that life is harder when we make the choice to make it harder, but it can be “GOODER”(<—-lol) when we make the choice to not beat down every comment or questions from others. We accept that what we are doing is making us the best version of us.

So I am trying everyday not to “INDIVIDUALIZE” comments, do I succeed… NOPE. I am a work in progress and I’m doing my best. I know when I do succeed things a running like a fine oiled machine. I have better conversations, the sky is bluer, the songs on the radio are better, smiles are softer, hugs are richer, work is clearer, my workouts are focused and fun and I can sleep. I’m not sure who wrote this quote but it hits home with me.

The Challenge:

I challenge each of you to find one thing in your life that you can stop focusing on the negative aspect of. You are making the choice to let it stress you out or ruin your day. It could be a conversation with a friend, family member, co-worker, spouse or yourself. Have that crucial conversation, ask for forgiveness, apologize or maybe just ask for clarification on why it is bothers you. It could be a conversation with the assault bike!!! Tell that bike that you will embrace the struggle today. I literally talk myself up before the “dreadful run” at Texan Fitness for that 400 meter warm up. When I’m done, I completed it and that was the goal.

Be your best version of you today, because I’m going to my best version of me.