“For Real” according to my 12 and 10 year-old daughters stand for HARD CORE or COOL….

(Well maybe this is my kind of real)

I find myself thinking of what life looks like for a 40-year-old single dad that was once was a college football player???……A dad that struggles for time for “me”, which usually means…

-not being able to watch an entire movie without an interruption

-not getting enough exercise

-unable to take my girlfriend on a date or night out without one of our 5 daughters needing something

-or just doing yard work without hurting myself


OK, what does “For Real” really mean to a guy like me?? Here you go…

I start on a Monday morning, I’m so excited for my first CrossFit class at 8:30 a.m. This should not be a problem, I have no flight to catch or drive across Dallas to a big gold office building, but first a conference call with the east coast at 7:30 am that should only last 15 – 20 minutes. As my call ends at 8:31 am, I’m now late for my first class. I jump in and after 30 seconds of jumping rope, (which I dominated in 4th grade just a short 30 years ago that seemed like yesterday) and sweating with my heart rate reaching 120, its time to adjust to another 3-4 rounds of variations of jumping rope. WOW what a workout, I mean warm up!!

Ok, so I’m sweating out my new fancy green Texan Fitness Shirt and it’s time for the workout, I mean some more warm up. I’m checking my phone because I have an 9:30 a.m. conference call? OK, at least I just have to listen and not lead this one. A few 200-meter runs, snatches and wall balls… my calendar then alerts me…I call in as I start my last 200-meter run.  I’m listening and luckily, I’m not talking because I’m breathing like it’s my last breath and I’m not sure if I need to drink water or throw up. All along I’m getting support and encouragement as my phone is on speaker. I have it on mute so nobody can hear the high winds of my breathing.

My workout is over and as I’m raining sweat, I completed it last…right behind a 10-year-old boy and a 12-year-old girl. We are all giving high fives and fist bumping!! First or last, we all accomplished our goals, which was put in the work and do the best we can. We did it individually, but not without community. My community got me through this workout. The coaches were great and the atmosphere felt like family.  I feel great and that was “FOR REAL!”

Wait…I didn’t tell why the workout was “FOR REAL.”…

My morning has obstacles and challenges whether its work, my own out of shape body, kids, health and time. On this particular morning my “For Real” was work conference calls and understanding that I’m out of shape but stepping into the Texan Fitness Community and being encouraged in my own flesh. On this regular “For Real” morning I didn’t have to make lunches, get girls up for school, learn about the latest hair trends, obey school zones, or drop offs at 2 different schools then forgetting lunches I made and left on the counter…This morning was my time…My hour…

I’m so excited what Texan Fitness has in store for me and my family. I’m inspired to be real and honest. Exercise is important to my health as is eating the right foods. I started my exercise journey at 306 pounds on June 25th and I’m walking through this journey with all of you.  My hope is to motivate at least 1 person that might be scared about starting.   I have been that person…just like you, so let’s do this together. Find your community and be encouraged. If you are the person to encourage and a CrossFit/Workout stud, read my journal to understand what the athlete in the back of the line might be feeling.  A “Fist Bump” and “Smile” can go a long way!