When I get to Texan Fitness I walk in and say hello, fist bumps and hugs. My body is usually achy, stiff and tired…. so is my mind. I do a 400-meter jog and my every step kind of hurts my feet, but mentally I’m getting in work out mode. My heart rate is getting up and I’m sweating.

The Workout– I mean Warm-Up

Now its time for bear crawls, spider mans, walk out push ups and walking with our legs going out and high. Now its time for other stretches that make no sense until its time to work out. When I played football from my first season on 1986 to my last in 1999, we did pretty much the same warm up. So I wonder at times why it changes from day to day and week to week????

As I am getting in a routine in CrossFit, we never do the exact stretch/warm up. It is somewhat geared to what we will be doing that day. Then there is the pre-workout work out and that is geared to the WOD. My body is getting warm, but my brain is starting to get some muscle memory going. I think the routine is getting the body warm, but the mind as well.

I’m a big guy, so the warm up is important to me. As I think about this “warm up” it’s everything I do in life, but have not thought about it. If I could put the mental preparation into life as I do CrossFit, it could make things a little more transitional. My attitude is not great when I am preparing for a week-long business trip, the 45-minute drive to the office or maybe just getting ready in the morning.  Imagine if we all had pre-work warm-up??  Like 15 minutes that gets us ready every day we have to do?  I can see myself doing Bear Crawls next to the coffee maker talking to Jim about the accounts for the day!!  Coach Randi is on to something I think!?!  Lol 🙂

In all serious, my goal this week is to do a warm up exercise before I get ready in the morning. Setting out my razor and shaving cream instead of being like…. Man, I need to shave!!!!! Set out clothes the night before like the first day of school, instead of looking for the shirt that is in the pile for the cleaners. Shining my shoes on Sunday for the week. There is so much I can do before the fact rather than a sprint in the mornings.

I challenge you to find that one thing that you dread or wait for the last second to do and find a warm -up that will prepare you better as you enable your mind to do it with a good attitude.