Definition of community (according to Webster)

Webster might be onto something…hmmmm
1. people with common interests living in a particular area; broadly 

It’s time to walk into Texan Fitness and get that work out in and all you see is smiles. 🙂 People are asking about their week and what they have going on for the weekend. We are sharing stories about the first week of school and the funny things kids say and do. You get to hear about peoples hobbies and how their workout journey is going.  (Just to let you know this is the 9 am class, which in my opinion ROCKS. It’s so great…The workout starts and we are all business, unless you are at the 5:30 a.m. class where its business with some friendly heckling…lol)

2. a body of persons of common and especially professional interests scattered through a larger society

We work out together, learn about each other and then there is the outside Texan Fitness.  That is where you get to know each member and ultimately build the community. Before I started working out at Texan Fitness I was invited to Main Event to bowl and get to know some of the members. Members of Texan Fitness are in regular clothes and everyone is rubbing elbows without sweat or chalk.

3.  An Interacting population of various kinds of individuals in a common location

There was even an event of AXE Throwing, which I didn’t make this one, but looked like a blast. I mentioned Meat U Anywhere breakfast tacos the other day and Sara (member) was like yeah, a few of us go there after workouts sometimes. I love that we can grow the community of the box outside Texan Fitness.

I have seen members at church, Costco (I like to just hang out there and check out stuff) and out to eat. It reminds me of when my kids see a teacher outside of school, like Buddy the Elf seeing Santa. I just get excited and want to say what’s up.  After Mondays Labor Day open gym a few of us went to eat lunch. It’s family and it’s fun.

I’m wrapping up this journal entry because I want to close with Barbell for Boobs at Texan Fitness on October 20th. This is a pink out Texan Fitness type event and we are raising money as a gym for BREAST CANCER.

I have lost both my parents to cancer; my mom survived her first bout with BREAST CANCER in the mid 90’s. However, ovarian cancer winded up taking my mothers life in 2014. There is a lot of significance of Barbell for Boobs on October 20th, because my parents passed 11 year apart on October 19 and October 25th. I celebrate their lives in October and I couldn’t be prouder to serve as the MC for Barbell for Boobs at Texan Fitness with my community, my tribe and my family.  Plus its great for the entire c

4. They are a unified body of individuals 

I challenge you to sign up, contribute or just come out and support the Texan Fitness community at Barbell for Boobs on October 20th!  If you can not make it, our community donation page is below.  See Link.  We have finished #1 in the nation once for fundraising and we are currently 3-TIME Texas State Champs in fundraising.

If you can not make it, our community donation page is below.  See Link.  Anything is appreciated!!

Barbells for Boobs Donation Page