I’m tired and I’m just getting through the reps and Coach Heather encourages me to focus on keeping a bend in my legs to make sure I don’t hurt myself.

On a Sunday I was at the Texan Fitness with my girlfriend, who is participating in the Vibe Fit program at Texan Fitness, and she picked out a random workout we had done before. The only problem was that we only knew about half of it.  Even though Coach Randi and Ben were not coaching, they were there and we were able to ask them for help. Not only did they tell us, they demonstrated.

I had my first class with Coach Cortni last week.  It didn’t take her long to point out that my technique was wrong.   If my form was not corrected I could possibly hurt my back.  I corrected it and was very appreciative.

My first work out at Texan Fitness, Coach Damian was right there encouraging me on burpees.  Coach stayed there with me, helping and encouraging.

According to Wikipedia, In sports, a Coach is a person involved in the direction, instruction and training of the operations of a sports team or of individual sportspeople. A coach may also be a teacher.

I appreciate these Coaches not only for pushing us and leading us, but they do their best to keep us from getting hurt. When you are pushing yourself… trying to get in better shape it is easy to just get the reps in, but getting the reps in not getting hurt is one of my most important goals. Before I get to Texan Fitness and when I leave, I need to be able to be a parent, a partner and go to work.

The coaches at Texan Fitness are leaders in and out of the gym. A few weekends ago three of the coaches (Heather, Cortni and Sunny) were in a competition. Emily and I went up to watch and we saw a few other coaches and members of Texan Fitness. We cheered on our coaches like they do us. However, the coolest part was watching them give their all. These coaches are putting in their work when nobody else is around. They are leading by example and they got 2nd Place!!

(Above:  Coach Sunny, Coach Heather, Coach Cortni)

The Coaches at Texas Fitness instruct, train, teach and inspire.

I challenge or maybe encourage you to let a coach know how they inspire you.

(Top:  Coach Ben, Coach Randi, Coach Rob)

(Middle: Coach Damian, Coach Mike, Coach Sunny)

(Bottom: Coach Cortni, Coach Heather, Coach DeAris)