The Beginning:

I started working out at Texan Fitness in July with some goals in hand.

I wanted to lose weight and get in better shape. I did lose weight and maintained and I got in shape.

How do I know I got in shape, well I can tell you. When I started I could do three burpees with out stopping. I could do 10 push-ups. Well kind of… Running four hundred meters was brutal.


Last week I did 20 burpees and 30 push-ups without stopping. 400 meters is still 400 hundred meters, can’t change that. A huge measurement was when I went to play golf last Friday. Not only did I hit the ball well, but I didn’t feel fatigue half way through and was ready to continue playing when we were done. The next day I woke up and felt great, actually went and did the partner workout at Texan Fitness on Saturday. Win in my books if you ask me!!

I knew I was not going to make a competition or compete, become this world class athlete.  So What did I get?  I got a community. I have made so many friends. I got invited to a life group. I was invited to be the MC for Barbells for Boobs on October 20th. I made friends with kids of other members. My girlfriend and myself work out together now. Emily has become not only a girlfriend, but a best friend and workout partner. Hard to beat. She is feeling better doing Texans Fitness’s VibeFit program 3-4 days a week.  Happy I made change. Made an hour of my day more productive.

I look forward to starting my day at Texan Fitness as well as do some of the exercises as I adapt with my travel schedule. As I look back on my first 3 months at Texan Fitness, I can only feel appreciation for Robert Clayton the owner and one of my best friends for asking me to take this on. When your friends encourage to get exercise and be a part of something bigger than yourself… you should listen. I stepped out of my comfort zone and stopped making excuses and I’m Blessed!

When do you want to be blessed? When do you want to stop making excuses?

I challenge you to start your New Years Resolution now! The start of the 4th quarter is now, why wait?

Thank you, Texan Fitness, for providing me hope for a better me as I get challenged mentally and physically at 9 am Monday through Friday.

Going Forward:

I will be passing the Baton to Owner Robert Clayton.  He will be completing the Journal Series for the year.  If you don’t know Robert, well get ready, should be excited to get this perspective…This should be very fun…Robert has shared a few things he will be doing this last quarter of the year.

  1. He will be beginning a true customized Dietary Plan by Coach Cortni Garcia
  2. He will be partnering with MACH 1 foods as his food delivering company and meal plan
  3. He will provide an authentic view as an owner, member, athlete and person the struggles he comes up on

Good Luck Bro!!