How do you measure success?

Last week work consisted of 8 different flights, 5 states and 1 week away from home for conferences & meetings.  I was asked if the conferences were successful and if my meetings were successful. The answer was an astounding yes, but how is that measured? I’m not really sure yet but I do know great relationships were made. How I follow up and be intentional about the goal of selling my product will determine if my meetings and conferences were successful.  Time will tell right?

Here is the prior week:

Before I left Texas I attended an Construction Safety Conference.  We talked about incentives for workers and if those incentives are making the construction site safer. One question that was asked is how are you measuring the success of the program?

I could only sit there and think about how I’m measuring the success of my journal, my daily writing and my exercise goals. Last week, I only made it into Texan Fitness one time and it was on Sunday (which was open gym). As I have said before, I’m new to Cross Fit and all the exercises. I’m not very resourceful when it comes to WOD’s. BTW WOD stands for “Workout of the Day”… I think???  So, I decided to do a workout that Coach Heather took us through a week or so ago. (It was the only one I could remember). I sweated and got my heart rate up. I felt great and I did something. Could I measure my workout other than I’m soaking wet??…not really honestly…so what does that mean??


I flew out Sunday night to San Diego and I’m excited for this workout routine and check out a local CrossFit box. To my dismay, I opened my over stuffed cartoon like suitcase and forgot my workout shoes. Great!!!  I thought” to myself what in the world am I going to do??  Every excuse was popping in my head.  “If you have no shoes, you can not workout.  If you can not workout you can not get the WOD in!”  “If I don’t have shoes, I can’t run!”…”Maybe I should just sleep in…Its been a long trip”…NOPE…”Figure out a solution” I told myself.  So…I went down to the pool the next morning and I swam laps in the mid 70-degree weather at 7 am before my conference began. I felt great, it was different, it was a change and my goodness swimming is pretty hard…(see prior journal writer and Gold Medalist Crissy Perham…Sure she can vouch for that…or maybe it was easy for her???…confusing myself now…lol #crissysjournal)



Next I’m heading to the airport for my 3rd flight in 36 hours. I’m walking through airports and being intentional about walking at a good rate with my wooden soled dress shoes…. My feet are killing me…(Visualize power walking in work clothes…Pretty sure I treated it like the Olympic Trials…Yea I wanna win a Gold Medal too!!)


I made it to Indianapolis after 6 hours in Las Vegas(lay over) and I’m tired and I’m walking all over this huge hotel/conference center thinking about the steps I am taking (like literally). I then run into one of my industry friends from Chicago.  He mentioned he was impressed with my journal and asked when I was going to get a workout in??… (Really awesome to hear that he reads my journal btw) But told him I only had sandals.  He glared at me and said “Who cares!!”

The next two days I rode the bike and stretched for 2 hours while wearing sandals at the JW Marriott.


So, How am I measuring my success?

Over the last week I did SOMETHING instead of NOTHING.  With the states I traveled, Texas gave me a home (my gym Texan Fitness), California made me adapt (swimming), Nevada got me to the Olympics (power walking #2020), Indiana held me accountable (biked my heart out #noexcuses).  I weighed in and I have maintained my weight over a 2-week period… That is a win for me. This past week I was intentional about eating healthy and putting in the steps, bike and swimming even though I couldn’t make it into Texan Fitness.

I lost 20 lbs in July since beginning my journey at Texan Fitness. I am encouraged and I even more excited after weighing in this past week. Texan Fitness is my accountability partner when I’m not even there.  Cheers to the grind!!


My challenge to you this week is to “get the work in”, SOMETHING is better than NOTHING!!